A European initiative against austerity in Greece

Source: http://euractiv.gr/koinoniki-eyropi/eyropaiki-protoboylia-kata-tis-litotitas-stin-ellada

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""We want Europe, but want a different Europe. The crisis will be dealt with more Europe, but more Europe of solidarity, social cohesion. We want more democracy, with a strong parliament, an enhanced role for national parliaments and yet meaningful citizen participation in the formulation and decision making," explained Nikos Chrysogelos, Greek Member of the European Parliament.

"The National Youth Council supports actions to ensure better future for new generations and employment prospects for young people and their families," said Armodios Drikos, President of the Greek National Youth Council (ESYN).

"Such initiatives as Avanti Europe's campaign shed light on the forgotten social and human consequences hidden behind crunched numbers and distant policy-making. They inform the public and offer them a voice, while putting the ball back into the court of decision-makers to take action," concluded Peter Matjašič, President of the European Youth Forum.

Read the full article in Greek here.