Avanti Europe ! Europa deve essere anche solidarietà

Source: http://www.eunews.it/en/2013/03/25/avanti-europe-europe-should-also-mean-solidarity/6117

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An article by German Green MEP Franziska Brantner on Eunews.it talks about a new pan-European online movement that strives to make citizens’ voices to be heard by decision-makers.

While everybody is focused on Cyprus, Greece remains at the forefront of the European economic crisis.

Drastic budget cuts along with negligent management by Greek leaders themselves have pushed too many of the country’s people, whether native born or migrant, into an abyss of poverty and hardship that will leave long-lasting scars. The hard truth is that the weight of the austerity measures is falling unequally upon the people who bear the least responsibility for the creation of the debt debacle and who stand to suffer the most from the policies chosen to get Greece out of its hole. They are Greek citizens as well as thousands of migrants and asylum seekers.

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