It's a critical moment for the European Union. The ongoing economic and financial crisis and politicians’ failure to resolve it have led citizens to mistrust and question the very foundations of our system. Less enthusiasm for Europe translates into a lack of ambitions and commitment to a European approach by national political leaders.

Avanti Europe !, created by a group of concerned Europeans, wants to break this dangerous cycle and establish an online platform to mobilise millions of citizens across the continent on key European issues, using innovative communication campaigns and participative tools.

We want a Union that promotes a more democratic and progressive vision of European society, based on its fundamental values of solidarity, freedom, justice and respect for human rights.

The campaigns will focus on common concerns and frustrations that go well beyond national borders and that require a European answer (e.g. environmental and resource depletion, transparency and regulation, participative decision making structures etc).

We oppose many decisions taken at a European level - and the way they are taken. Our answer is not a return to nationalism but to provide constructive criticism, pressure and citizen-driven alternatives which will actually change policies to reflect the concerns of Europeans!

Avanti Europe ! wants to reinforce European democracy by helping citizens’ voices to be heard by decision-makers; develop citizen participation on a large, transnational scale; and eventually contribute to establishing a fairer society while combating populism, nationalism and extremism.

We are an independent and open, pragmatic but passionate not for profit movement.

We get our financial support from private donations, sponsors and from public tenders of foundations and institutions.